Are you a mom running your own business? Or do you wonder if you have what it takes to act on your dream of entrepreneurship while balancing a family? You've made it to the right place! We're the only global entrepreneurship community for moms who dream BIG!

There’s a reason they say necessity is the mother of invention because being a mother and solving a multitude of daily problems requires a lot of creativity. Perhaps motherhood inspired you to create a new product or perhaps you feel called to create something just for you. Us too.

A global network of moms in business with a local connection

Entrepreneurial Moms International is a global family of networking communities designed to support moms in business achieve success on their terms. Whether you are just getting started, don’t know where to start or are starting to see your success unfold, we can support you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Join Entrepreneurial Moms International and connect with an unprecedented network of women who will amaze you, inspire you, but most of all, understand what drives you to build a business while raising a family.

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